Marine Life in Danger


Marine creatures are captured in huge numbers all over the world each year. People use them for many functions. A few for poultry feeding, some folks use them for food and for scientific study. It’s projected that 90,000,000 of fish are caught annually, the majority of them in coastal waters. Only 60 percent of fish captured are used for human food, 40 percent is used for making into fishmeal or making into fertilizers. However, people are grabbing so many sea animals for their own good reasons that today they’re in danger of becoming extinct.

The ecosystem stability in the oceans was disturbed. Many fish are caught by enormous boats with complex electronic equipment, because of which those species that aren’t required are also captured and are destroyed with no reason. This is indeed serious matter that in Europe the authorities have prohibited the catching of a few of the fish, and it has allowed only restricted species in limited times to capture and use.

Whales are warm blooded creatures and have been hunted from the oldest days. Until the 20th century whales were hunted in tiny ships with harpoons so that a small number were captured. In the 20th century more complex methods were utilized so the whales were killed easily. Large numbers of whales are killed because of which they’re also becoming extinct. Thus the whale population has been so much diminished that following World War II, the International Whaling Commission was set up to attempt to preserve stocks.

Another reason for the extinction of fish is that the boats in the sea spill oil that causes the fish to be poisoned. Some fish perish others are captured by fishermen. They are then sold on the marketplace and once we eat those fish, we usually become sick.

Among the types of turtles is the leatherback sea turtles. They’re also endangered species. Leatherback sea turtles die due to a lot of causes. One of these is the existence of garbage on the beach. Leatherback sea turtles like to eat jellyfish. After annually leatherback sea turtles come to the shore to lay eggs. They engulf the plastic bags and mistake them with jellyfish. These plastic bags stuck in their throat and cause their death. Some folks capture leatherback sea turtles by throwing nets from the water only too receive their leather. This leather is then utilised to create very costly things like shoes and bags.

Only a few of the species have been cited above that are endangered. There are quite a few other creatures that are in danger of becoming extinct due to garbage thrown on the shores, oil that escapes from the boats goes in the seas and oceans, the sewage and waste that is discharged into the seas also brings injury. We should adhere to the fish quotas fixed by the government.

We can protect marine life by lowering the amount of sea monsters, not throwing the garbage on the shores and use dustbins, recycling our things rather than letting toxic and dangerous substances from the factories put into the oceans and seas.

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