Common Causes of Tooth Loss in Adults

Losing teeth feels like a rite of passage into adulthood when you’re a kid. On the other hand, adult tooth loss may be an unpleasant and expensive event that can impair your confidence and overall health. There are various reasons why you could lose your teeth as an adult, ranging from bad eating habits to long-term detrimental behaviors.

Losing teeth is never a good sign, but there are steps you can take to ensure you keep your natural teeth as possible. Understanding what causes teeth to fall out might help you avoid tooth loss in the future, giving you a healthier, more confident smile.

Causes of Tooth Loss

Nobody enjoys losing a tooth, which can have severe ramifications for your oral health. You don’t anticipate losing a tooth as an adult unless you have a wisdom tooth that has to be extracted or you have a decaying tooth. Even so, it’s a more prevalent issue than you may imagine. Several factors can cause tooth loss.

Poor Oral Hygiene

If your dental hygiene practice isn’t robust enough, you’re introducing the early stages of tooth decay and cavities. The first indicator of deteriorating oral health is poor oral hygiene. Food will stick to your teeth and develop plaque if you don’t clean and floss your teeth twice a day. Plaque is a sticky material that promotes the growth of harmful microorganisms.

This is the earliest indicator of tooth decay, which can progress to gum disease. Make sure you brush and floss twice a day if your regimen isn’t strong enough. Consult your dentist to get more information about false teeth.

Poor Diet

A healthy diet is also essential for good dental health. This involves consuming items that help maintain your teeth, gums, and bones healthy for a long-lasting smile. Consuming foods that are bad for your teeth might cause cavities and tooth loss.

If you drink alcohol as part of your diet, you risk dehydration and dry mouth. As a result, saliva production remains minimal. Saliva is significant because it serves as a line of defense against microorganisms.

Bad Dental Habits

Habits involving the use of your teeth are a red flag. Everyday habits include opening packages with your mouth, chewing on hard items, and smoking, all of which are terrible habits that injure teeth and lead to tooth loss.

The annoying part about these behaviors is that they may be performed with a simple shortcut without using the relevant objects. As a result, you’d utilize your teeth as a fast fix. This should be avoided at all costs. Visit a family dental center for more details.

Physical Accidents

Most of the time, physical accidents are beyond your control. When you play contact sports like hockey or football, you risk damaging your teeth. Teeth might get dislodged, causing severe sensitivity.

If you’re active regularly and participate in contact sports, you might consider wearing a dental mouthguard to protect your teeth. The dentist can create a personalized mouthguard to improve comfort and respiration. Look up “Dentist in Gonzales” for the best results.

What Happens If You Lose A Tooth?

When one or more teeth are lost, the teeth next to them are likely to move into a different position to close the gap. A tooth that has been dislodged causes this natural movement.

When holes in the mouth expand, food can penetrate and become caught in the gaps, promoting plaque build-up. One of the initial steps of long-term tooth loss is plaque accumulation.

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