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The Human Resources Functions That Can Be Outsourced

Human resources (HR) are an essential component of every organization. Typically, the HR department is in charge of nearly every aspect of employee administration, including recruiting, screening, hiring, training, paying, managing benefits, handling employee complaints, and much more. In other words, human resource management is broad as well as challenging. 

Unfortunately, many small to medium-sized businesses may lack the resources required to establish an efficient and successful in-house HR department. Consider outsourcing hr part of your HR operations if your HR needs surpass your internal HR skills.

HR Roles That Can Be Outsourced

While you may believe that you have the means to maintain specific HR tasks in-house, doing so seldom makes sense, and outsourcing everything through PEO Canada may save you the time and money you need to focus on expanding your business. Here are some of the HR duties that can be relieved by outsourcing.

Employee Relations

HR is in charge of ensuring that your company complies with all labor regulations. HR must also handle any employee concerns or allegations regarding workplace difficulties (such as discrimination) that they have observed or experienced, whether from coworkers or management.

Employee Benefits

HR is in charge of all employee benefits, from health insurance to 401(k) plans. As HR is responsible for managing open enrollment, renewals, offering and terminating benefits, and yearly audits for all plans, these activities need a significant amount of paperwork and knowledge.

Payroll Service

Payroll includes providing adequate salaries to all employees, correctly computing the times of hourly workers, deducting the necessary taxes from paychecks, and other responsibilities. HR is in charge of all of these payroll services. Payroll also covers wage and hour rules and ensures that you comply with state and federal laws regulating employee compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

All of your company’s workers’ compensation claims are generally handled by HR. They are also in charge of the injured or sick employees that require medical attention and are treated fairly by the firm. In addition to managing claims, your HR department should handle renewals and audits to verify that your policy is up to current, that you are obtaining the best rates available, and that you are being charged appropriately.


HR hires new workers for open roles. This comprises publicizing the vacancy, collecting and reviewing applicants, scheduling interviews, and eventually recruiting new workers.

Employee Screening

In addition to recruitment, human resources conduct background checks on job candidates and screen them for the position they are applying for. This also covers pre-employment screenings such as drug tests, physicals, and background checks conducted after a job offer has been issued.


Human resources are crucial to the success of your organization. Don’t skimp on HR management when you consider all of the functions that HR is responsible for. Creating an HR department within your firm and growing it as your company develops, on the other hand, may put a tremendous burden on your resources.

Most organizations will ultimately begin to outsource part, if not all, of their HR responsibilities as they develop. It is less expensive and will result in more efficient human resource management. By outsourcing many of the activities that HR is responsible for, you can devote more of your time and resources to things directly related to your company’s success.

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